2011 in pictures

2011 was a pretty good year. Not perfect, but pretty good. Here’s what I did last year.

In January, I…

worked at Macworld Expo with my friends,

took a ride in the “1337” cab

and fawned over Merlin like a schoolgirl.

In February, I…

attended a Chinese New Year parade

and saw a 3D movie.

In March, I…

ate Mario cupcakes.

In April, I…

fed alligators,

visited Disney World,

met Cardboard Justin Beiber,

watched a soccer game

and avoided a misdemeanor.

In May, I…

played cards

and made Angry Birds out of Floam.

In June, I…

went kayaking,

ate lemon meringue pie,

rode the subway

and saw a dinosaur.

In July, I…

conquered the trail,

surveyed New York City with a pig

and flew an airplane.

In August, I…

put Mentos into a bottle of Coke with my brother-in-law,

flew another airplane,

explored a coal mine (and terrified my son in the process),

ate a hoagie

and some Italian ice.

In September, I…

 visited Fenway Park.

In October, I…

went trick-or-treating,

flew in an airplane,

strolled along the boardwalk

and humiliated the dog.

In November, I…

saw some huge balloons,

went ice skating

and saw some LEGOs.

In December, I…

visited the town wind mill,

saw an ice sculpture,

watched candy-makers create candy canes,

played with LEGOs,

roasted marshmallows,

drank some tea,

bought a comic book

and hit the beach.

As 2012 begins I’m grateful for all of these things, but most especially that I’m still able to live and breathe, to think and be, to share these things with you. My you have a fantastic 2012.