52 Pickup episode 09 – Teeth Meet Ice

Here’s another free episode of 52 Pickup, my members-only podcast. In this episode, I have lots to report after a busy weekend. My son and I go Pinewood Derby racing with a pink car, and later have an unpleasant encounter with ice that draws emergency medical professionals. Plus, my week of solo parenting, a new Star Wars book and why men shouldn’t try to sound like women. Finally, a slew of iPhone apps for the day’s stories.

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My iPhone wallpaper
Pinewood Derby
Pinewood Derby app
Our pink Pinewood Derby car
11 Minutes
Boy Scout Handbook for iPhone
Geocaching app
WebMD for iPhone
My toothless boy
Bambi on the ice
Darth Plagueis by James Luceno
Haruki Murakami
iPhone wallpaper screenshot