The 52T Community

Dave and Mrs. C, who is used to his antics.


The 52T Community is a collection of smart, interesting, good-looking people. We’re across time zones, genders, cultures, and opinions. It all happens on Slack. What’s Slack? It’s the place to chat, share stuff and so on. Also, it’s free! And you can use it on your phone. I KNOW. It’s awesome.

Share your triumphs and failures, recipes and tips. Nerd stuff. Game stuff. Football stuff (just don’t call it soccer). Participation in this community is now by invite only. If you’d like to join, fill out the form below.

A few rules:

  1. Go introduce yourself on the #intros channel. Tell us all a bit about yourself and why you’re here.
  2. As a point of order, once you are accepted into the community you will automatically be added to the following channels: #general, #tech_support, #announcements and #intros.

Next, explore all the existing channels that already exist. We’re talking about #baseball, #beer, #englishfootball (I’m serious about the soccer thing), #gaming, #music, #podcasts and #writing. If you have something you want to talk about and don’t see a channel for it, create it. It’s free and easy. Just announce it in the #announcements channel.

The 52T Community is for fun, elightemtent and support. Cheer each other on. Laugh, make friends. If  you want to be a party pooper and rant about politics other otherwise poke people with sticks, go away or join #poke_people_with_sticks. Which no one will visit.


  • Be nice
  • Have fun
  • Make friends
  • Share


  • Spam
  • Harrass others
  • Be a meanie
  • Share illegal stuff