Alerts make the iPhone “worse” than BlackBerry

Jonathan Geller explains “why the iPhone is worse than a BlackBerry” at BGR:

“I need more control over my alerts…I really wish Apple would…allow users to set custom alert settings for different things. For instance, I’d love it if I could have different profile modes with settings for vibrate, ring, volume and ringtone much like how RIM’s BlackBerry phones have worked for ages.

Apple could totally take this one step further and allow location-based profiles for alerts, system settings, and more. When I get home, I want Bluetooth to turn off automatically, and I want my alert profile to change, for instance.”

That sounds good. Ryan Cash suggested something similar after “Patron X’s” iPhone interrupted a performance of the New York Philharmonic in January. Perhaps Apple will look into it.

But to say that inferior custom alert options alone make the iPhone “worse than BlackBerry” is ridiculous.