Announcing 52 Tiger membership

I’ve launched 52 Tiger Memberships, complete with an exclusive podcast, behind-the-scenes access to my work in progress and super giveaways. You’re going to love it.

I love writing about technology and the people that use these wonderful toys. Your support will help me to do more of that. I’ve written several tech books‚ which you’ll find in most book stores and as eBooks at Amazon, Apple, and Barnes and Noble and on their devices or apps. 52 Tiger is more immediate, more personal, and frankly, a little more fun. Your support and sponsorship will help me keep a focus on writing and publishing frequently, and hopefully, to grow my circle of readers and friends.

Three dollars a month. That’s all it takes to become a member of 52 Tiger and reap some terrific benefits. If you enjoy reading 52 Tiger, I’d like to ask you to consider supporting the work I do on this site. And it’s just $3 per month.


I plan on keeping 52 Tiger open and free to the public, but I’ve got several special items that are only for members.

  1. A new and exclusive podcast, three-times a week, called 52 Pickup. 52 Pickup features interviews with compelling people who share their history, ideas, and suggestions for improving your personal and professional life, as well as thoughts and ideas from me.
  2. Behind the scenes access to my work in progress, editorial calendar, even drafts and outlines of my current projects and next book. I’ll also host live chats with members to talk about all of these things, answer questions, and take suggestions for future articles.
  3. Prizes and loot. That’s right, as a member you’re name will be in the virtual fish bowl for regular drawings and giveaways of some really cool stuff.

Four years ago I was the IT director at a residential school in Massachusetts. One afternoon, we were told the school would close and we’d all lose our jobs within six months.

It took two.

Since then I’ve scrapped together jobs here and there to make ends meet. The most rewarding by far is writing about technology. I want to make a full-time career of writing, and you can help me do it. If I learned anything in these last four years it’s that, if you want something, go and make it yourself.

You’ll find all the membership details here. I’m putting everything into this, so set your standards high and become a member. You’ll be glad you did and I’ll be forever grateful.