Apple to drop 10% restocking fee on iPhone 4 returns [Updated]

Computerworld reports that Apple has dropped the 10% restocking fee on iPhone 4 returns in an attempt to mollify customers frustrated by the signal issue.

If Apple is right, and the problem is that the iPhone is reporting a stronger signal than it actually has, the forthcoming patch won’t “fix” the issue, but more accurately let users know when their signal is critically low. Expect additional moaning and complaining.

Update: I’ve been asked by email to explain “…moaning and complaining.” The moaning and complaining will be justified; I apologize if that came off as snarky. As it is now, the iPhone is incapable of reliably performing its main function for many users. What’s unknown is exactly why.

Those in areas with a strong signal will be the least affected, as a drop from 5 bars to 3 is tolerable. However, dropping from 3 to 0 isn’t. So where’s the problem? Is AT&T’s network spotty in too many locations, or is the iPhone’s antenna especially poor at maintaining a strong connection?

More on this later today.