Apple’s beautiful construction barriers

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When I saw these photos of the forthcoming Apple Store in Amsterdam, I noticed how great the construction barriers look. Typically barriers like this are erected simply to discourage prying eyes, but Apple often uses them as a marketing opportunity. This practice isn’t unique to Apple, of course, nor does the company always make such an effort. But when it does, the results are often charming. Here’s a look at some clever barriers Apple has used.

Reader Tom Klaver notes that the 3 Apple logos on top of each other are inspired by the Amsterdam coat of arms, and orange is the national Dutch color.

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I’m biased as a former Bostonian, but my favorite example graced the Boylston Street Store. Made to resemble Fenway Park’s Green Monster, Apple successfully pandered to Red Sox Nation.


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The Shanghai Apple Store, China’s largest, was covered with a barrier that resembled a red curtain. A front section appeared to be pulled back, revealing a hidden Apple logo.

New York City

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The Grand Central Terminal Apple Store opened just in time for the 2011 holiday shopping season. Its construction barrier got customers ready with lettering that resembled old-time train station announcement boards. As @Ignignokt notes, the barrier display consisted of 58 individual $999 Thunderbolt displays.


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London’s Covent Garden store also received the red curtain treatment in July of 2010. It started drawing camera-wielding onlookers well before it opened for business.


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Not as ornate as the others, the Lincoln Park Apple Store in Chicago featured autumn leaves blowing around. Appropriate for the windy city, no?

I’m sure there have been others, and if you know of any, please let me know. I’ll add them here.