Ashton Kutcher jOBS biopic gets April release date


jOBS,” the Steve Jobs biopic staring Ashton Kutcher as Apple’s late CEO, will hit theaters in April. The Wall Street Journal notes:

“The new film, ‘jOBS,’ starring Ashton Kutcher as the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, will be released in April, Open Road Films and Five Star Feature films announced Thursday.”

I’m eager to see this movie. Equally compelling is that fact that another Jobs biopic is in production. It should be fun to compare and contrast the two.

Several photos of Kutcher dressed as Jobs have emerged, and you can’t deny the resemblance. Here are a few I found this evening.




Kutcher (left) with Josh Gad (right) as Woz
Kutcher (left) with Josh Gad (right) as Woz

I’m glad Steve’s sweater vest phase didn’t last long. jOBS also stars Matthew Modine as Apple CEO John Scully, Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak, Ahna O’Reilly as Chris-Ann Brennan, ex-girlfriend and mother to Jobs’ daughter Lisa, and J.K. Simmons as Venture capitalist Arthur Rock. The movie will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival later this month.