Beck releases new album as sheet music

This is absolutely brilliant. Musician Beck has released his new album as sheet music. No recorded songs, just sheet music. Forbes:

“Beck fans the world over will be drawn to the ‘invitation’ this sheet music presents. Go ahead, grab your guitar, find a friend who plays keys, get your brother to play drums, and then turn GarageBand on and record these Beck songs. And record them the way you want to record them. Be inspired by the imagery in the packaging, be inspired by the compositions, but generate your own takes. The idea of an unproduced album is beautiful.”

I envy kids who make music today so intensely. GarageBand and Macs make it so easy to record your own stuff, and the Internet, so easy to share. I would have killed a man with my bare hands in front of his own momma for a collection of brand new sheet music directly from a musician I admired, back when I was making music with my friends in the basement. Good job, Beck. What a genius idea.