Blogging is harder than I remember

Now that I’m trying to wean myself from Facebook and get back to blogging, I’m noticing the big differences between publishing between those two platforms. For me, the most pronounced is immediacy.

As we all know, it’s ludicrously easy to publish to Facebook or Twitter. It takes only seconds and if you’ve got a connected smartphone, can be done from nearly anywhere.

With a blog, it’s different. Sure I can install the WordPress app on my phone, but even that can’t compare to the ease of publishing to social. When I have a thought I can summarize it in a few words, hit publish and read replies, all within minutes.

Writing to the blog is much more intentional. I’ve got to set time aside, which takes a little effort. Even harder is resisting the supreme ease of pushing something out to social and saving it for when I have time to sit with my computer.

As I said, this is a process that will take time. It’s more of an effort to blog but I hope it will be worth it.


  1. I still got your blog in my RSS channels list. And yes, I fully agree with you. Blog writing is much more conscious than posting shit on Twitter or Facebook. I found myself to be much less active on both social networks, while I miss the Twitter from the beginning of this decade (that ends in 12 months ;-) ). And I am pretty sad about the open web we lost.
    But still I will keep fingers crossed for your blog.

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