iPhone 4 with 512 RAM

Each iPhone model has had more RAM than its predecessor. The original had 128MB, the 3GS has 256MB and the iPhone 4 has 512MB.

The iPhone 4 also has Apple’s A4 processor, just like the iPad. Think of how responsive the iPad is with the A4 and 256MB RAM, and you realize two things.

First, iPhone 4 will be very fast. More importantly, it confirms that Apple’s patience is its greatest asset. With this much RAM and the A4, the iPhone is finally ready for often-requested features like 3rd party multitasking, a high resolution display and video calling. Those features would have been dismal on less powerful models, marring the experience for millions and damaging the iPhone’s reputation.

Expect this trend to continue. Apple will introduce technologies later than competitors, but the execution will be much, much better.

Apple’s incredible patience

John Gruber, in reference to the late arrival of a front-facing camera on iPhone 4:

“[Apple will] only include hardware for which they have compelling software to complete the experience.”

I’ll add that Apple will only release hardware or software when its developers have devised the best way to achieve their goal(s) with said hardware or software. So steadfast is their resolve in this matter that they’ll endure public ridicule (“The iPad needs a camera!”) without complaint until the objective is met. To me, that’s the single most impressive thing about this company.