Daily Tip: Export your feeds from Google Reader

Google has given Reader its walking papers. It’ll be gone as of June 1, 2013. Here’s how to export your feeds to an OPML file:

  1. Log into your Reader account at google.com/reader
  2. Click the gear icon and then select Reader Settings.
  3. The settings screen appears. Click the Import/Export tab.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, click Download your data through Takeout.
  5. You may have to sign into Google again.
  6. A new screen appears. When your file is ready, it’ll say “100%.” Click Create Archive.


At this point, the process begins. How long it takes depends on how many feeds you subscribe to. If you don’t feel like waiting, opt to receive an email when your file is ready. Otherwise, click Download when the process is finished (you might have to sign in yet again). Your file will download.


The result will be a folder on your computer with files that end in .json and one that ends in .xml. Now you’re ready to find a new client and import your feeds via that .xml file. But that’s another post entirely.

This post is part is one of 31 tech tips I published in March, 2013You’ll find the rest here.