David Barnard closes App Cubby forums

A disappointing bit of news from David Barnard:

“Josh (the App Cubby tech support guru) now has a full time day job and just welcomed his second child into the world. And in November, I’ll be welcoming my second child. We’re both absolutely swamped at the moment and just don’t have time to properly manage the forums. And even if we did have time, I’m more and more convinced that forums aren’t the best way to interact with a community of users.”

David notes that the forums, which he hoped would host a vibrant community of App Cubby customers, had become a place for users to seek tech support.

I understand his frustration regarding time (I’m father of 2 myself) and am glad he pulled the plug rather than let the project exist in a manner that he didn’t intend. I hope he finds a future solution that he’s happy with, as David’s a nice guy and I love his apps.