Don’t let that iPad calendar icon fool you

There’s a story making the rounds this morning about a screenshot in the iOS 4.3 beta build. Specifically, the Springboard preview image shows the Calendar app icon with a number 9 front and center. Some have suggested that it means a February 9th launch announcement [1. Reader James O’Leary notes that 9to5 and others claim the 9th suggests an announcement date, not a launch. Fine. Still, the “9” has been there for a long time and quite likely isn’t meant as a hint.] for iPad 2 (where the February comes from is a mystery).

Don’t get too excited, because that same number 9 can be found on original iPads running the current iOS. Tap Settings, then Brightness & Wallpaper. Two wallpaper thumbnails appear, one of which shows the Calendar icon with a big ‘ol 9. In other words, it’s nothing new.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 4 shows a 6 on the Calendar icon. Why not obsesses over that?