Draw Something is losing 5 million users per month following Zynga buyout (Update)


“A new report shows that in the past month, Draw Something has lost nearly 5M Daily Active Users (DAUs), bringing the total down to 10M from 15M when Zynga first made the purchase…Zynga’s problem is that they didn’t bother to make sure Draw Something had staying power, something you would think would be required to shell out $200M for a company. Speaking as one of those 5M who can  no longer be bothered with the game, it just got to be more work than fun once the novelty of iPhone Pictionary wore off. “

Zynga struck while the iron was hot, and who could blame it? Draw Something was immensely popular. Unfortunately, it cooled as quickly as it heated up, for the very reason that Forbes addresses. Once you had a handful of games going, keeping up felt like work. Users began to feel guilty for letting games languish, and avoided launching it all together. That killed the fun and the game. I don’t know who could have predicted that would happen.

Update: The Hollywood Reporter confirms that a TV show based on the game is in the works. Win, Lose or Draw Something, I guess.