Emergent Task Planner To Go

I’ve been using David Seah’s Emergent Task Planner form — a part of his suite of productivity tools — for years. Every night I use one to jot down what I’ll do on the following day, and I keep it by my side to capture additional stuff and track my progress as the day goes by. I shared the specifics on episode 006 of the Home Work podcast.

This week I’ve been using the 4×6″ Emergent Task Planner StickyPad. It’s a smaller, more portable version of the form with a thin strip of adhesive across the top. It retains almost all the features of the full-sized version (save the 15-minute time markers for tasks) and is very easy to toss in a bag. I’m looking forward to taking this to the library to work, as I often feel guilty for taking over so much room with a full-sized ETP pad.

My order came with two pads and a handy instruction card. It’s definitely forced me to write more neatly than usual, which is a good thing, and is a new “toy” to fiddle with during the day. It won’t replace the full-sized planner for me, but I’m enjoying using it and will replace it’s larger sibling when I’m working remotely.