Final Touches: Path

Final Touches celebrates the tiny details that make an app a delight to use. Not the marquee features, but the fun, thoughtful bits that make you smile. The final touches.


Path for iPhone is a private social network, if you will, that lets users share messages, photos, video, and lists of beloved books, music and movies with a select group of friends and family. [1. Also stickers. I really like the stickers.] While my interest in Path has waxed and waned, the app’s great looks have never faltered.

Path’s design team deserves kudos for its hard work on this standout app, and my favorite little bit is an animation that accompanies the share button. To post an update to your followers, tap the share button in the lower left. Five happy little icons spring forth: photo, location, music, quote or sleep. That’s great, but dismissing them is the real fun.

Tap anywhere outside of those icons and watch as they briefly spin in place before snapping back to their home beneath the share button. I’ll admit that I sometimes tap share and then dismiss the icons, just so watch them spin and disappear. It’s a fun little feature. Well done, Path.