“Google Glass, the idiotic new wearable computer from Mountain View”

Look at the guy in the middle. What a d-bag.
Look at the guy in the middle. What a d-bag.

This article from Jesus Christ, Silicon Valley made my week. There’s so much gold:

“The actual world couldn’t give two shits about such a fey, ludicrous nonessential, but that as usual doesn’t stop anyone around here from thinking this is valid life’s work.”

“I’ve seen Glass in person, perched atop the literal douche-nozzles of Kool-Aid-drunk Google employees.”

“These Glass-sporting scrota would have you believe we’re destined for a world where information is at our fingertips — by which they mean not at your fingertips at all, as it already is — but stapled to the side of your head and interjecting its worthy informationality into your eyeball every second of the day.

Let me bone-conduct this straight to your inner ear: We’re not.”

Go and read the whole thing. I had to stop myself from quoting every single paragraph. I’m so glad that someone agrees with me. Google Glass is the lamest, most self-indulgent non-product ever.

[Via The Loop]