Happy birthday, iPad

The original iPad went on sale in the U.S. on April 3, 2010. I stood in line outside the Boylston Street Apple Store to buy one, and have owned one since. The thing’s a runaway hit and dominates the tablet market (if there even is a tablet market).

What’s odd is that I barely use it.

I’ll often go a week or more without touching my iPad. When I do, it’s to check Twitter, play a game, read email or watch a video on Netflix. I’ve tried to use it for work but it just isn’t happening.

When I write, I jump between the article and my research constantly. The iPad’s app switching makes this a chore. Plus, I can’t stare at that tiny screen while writing for very long. I know many people take notes with an iPad, and that’s great. But for me, a pen and paper is much faster and easier. I’ve also tried reading books on the iPad, but it’s heavy and causes eye strain before long.

I consider my iPad a leisure device. It’s fun for goofing around while sitting on the couch. For this reason, I won’t upgrade to the new iPad. Why spend $500 on something I’ll barely use?

I realize I’m in the minority here, as millions of people enjoy productive iPad use every day. More power to them. I’m just not among them.