iPhone travel series starts tomorrow

And yes, I took this photo with my iPhone

When I was young, my sisters and I would climb into the back of my parents’ station wagon and leave our Pennsylvania home with a Triptik from AAA and a cooler full of soda. With Dad behind the wheel, we’d travel to rural New York, Philadelphia or Maryland. Long hours were made tolerable with games of License Plates, I Spy or — much to my parents’ chagrin — Annoy Your Siblings. Those were happy times, but most of all, I remember the thrill of discovery.

[pullquote]I can plan, execute and recall a family vacation, a weekend getaway, a business trip or a once-in-a-lifetime excursion with Apple’s pocket-sized computer. It’s replaced all of that paper and helps ensure that nothing gets lost — including the vacationers.[/pullquote]

It was exciting to see a new city with unfamiliar buildings and people, novel restaurants, and scenery. Those experiences fostered a powerful wanderlust in me that’s as active today as it’s ever been. When people ask me what I remember most clearly from my childhood vacations, my answer is always the same: the joy of finding something new.

Today, some things have changed, and for the better. The most pronounced difference is the hardware I use to get to my destination  There are no more Triptiks, hand written notes, paper tickets, huge maps or boarding passes. Now, they’ve all been replaced by my iPhone.

Tomorrow I’ll begin my new series on traveling with your iPhone with a post on getting ready. Basic iPhone prep for the travel. I’ll see you then!

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