iWork ’09 and Office for Mac 2011

There’s an amusing post at The Apple Blog that gleefully describes all the ways Office 2011 for the Mac trounces Apple’s iWork suite. Here’s an example:

“[The Office demo] shows off Sparklines, in-cell mini-graphs of visual data straight from Excel 2010 for Windows, as well as new PivotTable report designs and layouts. Office-wide, users will now have the ability to do “basic photo editing,” with options like color correction, as well as more advanced ones like background removal, but that’s the small stuff.”

I feel certain that the vast majority of users will never use Sparklines or PivotTable report designs. Not once.

This reminds me of the guy who buys a trail-rated Hummer capable of withstanding three feet of water, sub-zero temperatures and insanely sharp inclines, but all he ever does is drive it to the grocery store. A finely-tuned Vespa would do the exact same job at a fraction of the cost.

I haven’t owned an Office product since 2001 and haven’t suffered because of it for an instant.

[Via Minimal Mac]