Launch Center setup

How have you got Launch Center set up? Here’s mine.

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  1. – I have links to prefs for Bluetooth, WiFi and Tethering.
    – Shortcut to person I iMessage most
    – Add Item in OmniFocus
    – Tweet in Tweetbot
    – 1Password

    – Left Flashlight and Google my clipboard until I find something better.

  2. What a fantastic idea to use shortcuts to different parts of Settings. Are you running a beta? I noticed the gear icon rather than the standard spiderweb graphic.

    • Justin Youens says:

      If you see the spider web icon, it’s because you have your prefs shortcut setup as a web link rather than an app action.

      In the latest version, add any “App” action, but then when the app picker goes away, change the title and url to what you want for the prefs. The icon will then show up on your home screen. :)

      Unfortunately Apple will make this functionality will go away in iOS 5.1. :-/

  3. Kevin says:

    Yes, how did you get the links to the items in the Settings app? I don’t see how to do that.

  4. Mine isn’t very complicated yet, but your wifi and Bluetooth toggle ideas just blew my mind. I have the:

    – flashlight
    – google my clipboard
    – post to Facebook
    – tweet with Tweetbot
    – Facebook Messaging
    – New OmniFocus task with clipboard as notes


  5. Dave Caolo says:

    Yes, it’s a beta build, hence the Settings app icon (David gave me the OK to publish the screenshot).

    Josh: Here’s the list of setting-sepecific URLs I’m using:

  6. Kevin says:

    Awesome thanks! The setting-specific items are so needed.

  7. – Adjust brightness
    – Engage Airplane Mode (I love that this one tap actually turns on Airplane mode)
    – Add item (to OmniFocus)
    – Shaky Takes (my website)
    – InstaCam (Instagram Camera)


    By the way, you can get the Settings app icon in the current build by choosing “Launch App” and then “cancel” when creating a link; just type in the preference URL manually, and it should give you the settings app icon. At least, that worked for me.

  8. First off, I’d like to say thank you for introducing me to Launch Center in the first place. I absolutely love the app.

    I mainly use it to call/message the Mrs., tweet (via Tweetbot) Wi-Fi & Bluetooth (thanks to your previous post), Maps, and a few other contact shortcuts. The app really is a huge time saver and an app that I use on a daily basis.

    Screen Shot:

    • munchkin says:

      I don’t have this app installed (so I don’t know exactly how it works), but what’s the point to have “Launch Maps”, or “Launch Music” shortcut in this app? Am I missing something, or doesn’t understand..?

      • Just a shortcut I guess. That’s really all this app is. I have Maps in a folder on my last screen, same with music, and Launch Center is in the “dock”. Just saves a few flips, opening a folder, and then selecting the app. Two clicks from any screen opposed to possibly five swipes and two clicks. I really think once you try out the app, you’ll realize how useful it is…or not. It just works well for me.

  9. Ricardo says:

    Take Picture with Camera+
    Add Item to OmniFocus

    I probably use the “Due” shortcut the most. I wish this could detect my most common actions and automatically add them!

  10. Anna says:

    The funny thing is, I’ve had something similar but better than Launch Center on my iPhone for the past two years – it’s called SBSettings. I’ll stick to that, it’s free =)

  11. Alex says:

    Looks great. Does it support whatsapp?

  12. Thanks for sharing the tips on extending it with custom URLs. Really useful. The only thing I’m currently missing is that it doesn’t allow me to send an iMessage on the email of a contact.

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