Listen all y’all it’s a sabotage


I don’t know what’s up with this but I have a tendency to sabotage myself. Not in the little things, either. I’ll let stuff go that I know will cause huge problems. I wonder if other people do this or if it means I have a serious psychological problem. Maybe it’s why so many of my projects fail?


  1. know the feeling. Been doing it whole my life. As soon as something starts to get successful, I always sabotage it. I’ve been diagnosed as bi-polar recently, so maybe it’s that, but I’m not sure. Irritating? You bet…

  2. I think it’s common challenge/question for those of us who wear far too many hats (father, husband, friend, employee/employer, side hustler).

    Find it’s especially difficult to properly balance the life-sustaining gig and the passion projects. Even moreso when they’re somewhat at odds with one another. Been struggling with this with Better Mess for a while. I love writing for the site, but I worry about how much what I want to say there can/will have a negative impact on a career that I a) really enjoy and b) sustains my family.

  3. I hear you, Michael. As the “life-sustaining gig” aspect suddenly has a lot of my attention, the other stuff has to go. I hate killing it, but I think it’s the right call. Just don’t like doing it.

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