Losing hope for The Force Awakens

starAs an unapologetic Star Wars fanboy, I’ve been anticipating the forthcoming movie, The Force Awakens. The first teaser trailer was exciting, and got me enthused for the film. The second teaser was so compelling I went all in, abandoned my hesitation and succumbed to the prospect of this being the Star Wars movie I’ve wanted since 1983.

Today, all of that changed.

Note: the official poster appears after the break. I also discuss the “bad guy.” If you don’t want to see it, don’t click. You have been warned. 

Here’s the official poster, released by Disney/Lucasfilm today:


Look in the upper right. That’s a Death Star. What?

When Luke destroyed the original Death Star in A New Hope, it was a glorious victory. When the second Death Star was blown up in Return of the Jedi, it was derivative but hey, it was the final Star Wars film and very exciting so we let it go.

You can’t tell me there’s now a third Death Star. How many times are we going to blow these things up? Now it’s just silly.

Not to mention that the bad guy wears a black cape and a mask that covers his face.

At first the familiarity was thrilling. The Falcon! Han and Chewie! Luke’s voice! TIE Fighters and X-Wings!

Now I’m afraid it’s….oh. A bad guy in a mask. A Death Star. Again. Really?

Perhaps  JJ Abrams, a master of misdirection and mystery, is pulling one over on all of us.

It’s our only hope.

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