Loving Lion’s Resume feature

Mac OS X Lion introduced Resume, a feature that restores a compatible app’s most recent window location(s) and save state with each launch. Today I experienced just how helpful Resume can be.

I was working on an article earlier this afternoon. As usual, I had several Safari tabs open as well as iTunes and TextEdit. A few minutes into working I had to leave to meet my kids at the bus stop. My Mac’s battery was low, so I shut it down and plugged it in to charge while I was gone.

About an hour later, when the kids were home and we had unpacked their things and chatted about the day, I re-started the Mac and it was like I never stepped away. Safari re-launched my tabs, iTunes opened and TextEdit was ready to go, with the cursor blinking where I had left it.

All I had to do to accomplish this was choose Shut Down from the Apple Menu. No more juggling startup items, running AppleScripts at startup or even hitting Save. I love it.

Note: to prevent Resume from restoring an app’s state the next time you launch it, hold down the Option key when quitting or just hit Command-Option-Q.