Mail on iPad 2 is impressive

I’ve had my iPad 2 for less than a week but already I’m impressed. The first thing I tested was batch-selecting email messages. It’s smooth and beautiful.

On the original iPad, it was a jumpy affair. To try it out, open Mail and then tap the Edit button on the left-hand side while in landscape orientation [1. While in portrait orientation, first tap Inbox to produce the list of messages in your inbox. Next, tap Edit.]. Next, begin tapping messages you’d like to delete. Each one slides onto the “pile” at right.

Performing this action with a full inbox (I’ve set the maximum to 50 messages) on my original iPad was a herky-jerky affair. The iPad 2, however, has no problem at all, stacking messages smoothly and quickly. The real pleasure is that I’m no longer concentrating on Mail’s UI and am simply working with email. As I should be.