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Three dollars a month. That’s all it takes to become a member of 52 Tiger and reap some terrific benefits.

If you enjoy reading 52 Tiger, I’d like to ask you to consider supporting the work I do on this site. And it’s just $3 per month.

Here’s everything you need to know about 52 Tiger membership.

Why I need your support

I love writing about technology and the people that use these wonderful toys. Your support will help me to do more of that. I’ve written several tech books‚ which you’ll find in most book stores and as eBooks at Amazon, Apple, and Barnes and Noble and on their devices or apps. 52 Tiger is more immediate, more personal, and frankly, a little more fun. Your support and sponsorship will help me keep a focus on writing and publishing frequently, and hopefully, to grow my circle of readers and friends.

What you’ll get with your membership

I plan on keeping 52 Tiger open and free to the public, but I’ve got several special items that are only for members.

  1. A new and exclusive podcast, once a week, called 52 Pickup. 52 Pickup features interviews with compelling people who share their history, ideas, and thoughts on a weekly topic, as well as thoughts and ideas from me.
  2. Podcast transcripts. You’ll receive a full transcript of each episode of the podcast as a PDF.
  3. Behind the scenes access to my work in progress, editorial calendar, even drafts and outlines of my current projects and next book. I’ll also host live chats with members to talk about all of these things, answer questions, and take suggestions for future articles.
  4. Prizes and loot. That’s right, as a member you’re name will be in the virtual fish bowl for regular drawings and giveaways of some really cool stuff.

Alternate payment options

  1. Annual membership You can sign up for an annual subscription here ($36/year).
  2. Lifetime membership No recurring billing. Pay $110 once and become a member for life.
  3. Donations Feel free to donate any amount you’d like to contribute in addition to becoming a member.

Answers to questions

What if I don’t become a member? You’ll still have full access to the site and the full text RSS feeds. Plus, I’ll be thrilled to have you as a reader. But none of the goodies that members will get.

Will the podcast have ads/sponsorship spots? No.

Are we friends now? Gee, I hope so.

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