More on web attribution

Last week I described my policy of citing sources on the web after reading this post from Stephen Hackett. I got an email from Mr. Berserk Hippo himself in response (which he kindly let me reprint here), asking how I’d handle attribution in a certain scenario:

“I have an attribution quandry. I inserted names so that hopefully the situation makes sense.

I follow Jane on twitter. She retweets something by Mike, who I don’t follow. Mike’s tweet is a link to an article he didn’t write, but I want to talk about.

Who should I ‘via?’ My gut says Mike’s tweet, but I am not sure.”

Here’s the answer I gave:

Good question. I’ll assume the article Mike linked to is the source. In this situation, I’d write “Jane pointed me to this article…” linking “Jane” to Jane’s tweet and “this article” to the article. Then, at the end of my post, I’d give Mike the via.