“My neighbor, Steve Jobs”

Here’s a stellar post from writer Lisen Stromberg, who happens to be Steve’s neighbor:

“It was at Halloween not long after when I realized he actually knew my name (yes, my name!). He and his wife put on a darn scary haunted house (to be specific, a haunted garden). He was sitting on the walkway, dressed like Frankenstein. As I walked by with my son, Steve smiled and said, ‘Hi Lisen.’ My son thought I was the coolest mom in town when he realized The Steve Jobs knew me.”

It’s compelling to hear stories of Steve behaving like a normal human being, which is silly. Of course he does. It’s just that anecdotes of “Steve the friendly neighbor” are so rare, and confirm the hopes of fans who so desperately *want* their idol to be a “nice guy.” Anyone who’s been disappointed by a gruff or rude celebrity knows what I’m saying.

[Via The Loop]