National Geographic shares iPhone photo tips

When I was a kid, visiting my grandfather in Oneida, New York meant browsing his collection of National Geographic magazines. I loved them, and hoped I’d be a Nat Geo photographer some day. That didn’t happen, of course, and years later I still have such admiration for the photos in that publication.

Recently, the site shared some tips for better iPhone photos. One suggestion is to keep your composition simple:

“When shooting with your iPhone, always look for easily readable patterns. Everything in the image should contribute to the mood and emotion you want to convey. Pattern repetition creates a rhythm that the eyes like to follow. Remember that photos sent to other phones will be viewed small—another reason to keep the image simple and clean.

I took this photo, with its simple pattern of cups and saucers, in a small restaurant in the Aland Islands, between Sweden and Finland.”

Great tips and even better photos are here.

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