Notational Velocity and Twitter as Birdhouse for Mac

Here’s an nice solution to something I’ve been wanting. I love Birdhouse for iPhone, which stores tweets until they’re ready for publication. There’s no Mac alternative, so I’ve been putting potential tweets into Notational Velocity, and then copy-and-pasting them into Twitter when ready.

Today, MacStories points out that Twitter for Mac adds a contextual menu item that lets you tweet nearly any text you’ve selected in Mac OS X. You see where this is going: I can call up Notational Velocity with a keystroke, right-click on a tweet and send it off via the contextual menu. Awesome!

Of course, Notational Velocity isn’t required, as this action works in nearly any Cocoa app that supports contextual menus. But that’s where my “tweet locker” is, so that’s what I’m using.Plus, it provides a chronological, searchable history of my tweets that’s synchronized with Simplenote.