On planning your day

My post on writing down tomorrow’s main tasks before going to bed has generated a lot of email. Chris Martucci of What Blag wrote to share his experience:

  1. You can fall asleep easier. There’s less tendency to stare at the ceiling, your mind racing, going through tomorrow’s schedule.
  2. As you say, you wake up on task. There’s less need to ask “Where do I start?”
  3. You get more done by setting realistic expectations. Sometimes, my “To Do List” can have dozens of items on it. It’s so overwhelming that I end up doing nothing. A list of three items is far more manageable.

Toby Coulstock wrote to ask about an iPhone app for creating a “tomorrow” to-do list. There are so many to-do list apps available, I hardly know which one to suggest. I use Due a lot (my mini review here) because it’s simple to create a task and schedule it for the future. Plus, it won’t let you off the hook, beeping like maniac until you act.

This is unrelated but I wanted to mention it. Andrew Marvin wrote a great response to my post on keeping your iPhone clutter free. He writes:

“Everyday, the iPhone makes my life simpler and easier. I don’t have to carry a dictionary around with me. I don’t have to wait until I’m at a computer to send a quick email. I don’t need to buy a GPS for my car or a pedometer for exercising. I don’t need to keep a planner or a book with me all the time. The iPhone simplifies all of these areas in my life, which in turn makes me more productive, calmer, and happier.”

Thanks, Andrew.