Our “never bored” culture: iPad holders, speakers on shopping carts

A London grocery chain has added iPad holders and speakers to the handles of its shopping carts. Now customers can stare at the Web, TV shows, movies or photos of Aunt Rita while shopping.

This is another symptom of the “never bored” culture that I dislike so much. It turns out that shopping for groceries isn’t stimulating enough. Instead, one must enhance the experience YouTube. Don’t tell me “it’s for shopping apps,” because the majority of those who use it will be checking email, playing on Twitter, etc.

Here’s my favorite bit from the article:

“[The carts’] front bumpers are fitted with a sensor which lets off a warning beep if an engrossed shopper gets too close to another customer…”

At least they recognize that customers will ram into each other. Just wait until the first time a kid’s fingers get pinched or broken. Or until Jr. is ejected all together.

Innovation and progress occurs during down time, when our minds process experiences and solve problems. How — and more importantly, when — can the constantly-entertained mind manage either?