Personal blogs and extended focus

The Beast Within (TBW)[1. I really wish I knew the author’s name.] has written a thoughtful response to my post on the return of personal blogs. Last April, I said:

“Today I see the ‘personality’ blog returning. Consider Daring FireballThe LoopShawn and 512 Pixels, to name a few. You could argue that each is a ‘tech site,’ but that’s not the whole truth. Daring Fireball is John’s voice, personality and interests. He’s as likely to write about the New York Yankees as he is the new iPad. The Loop reflects the interests of Jim, Peter, Shawn and the the other contributors. The same is true of Stephen and Shawn Blanc.”

TBW’s post includes the following:

“The authors I tend to enjoy reading are those who share similar tastes, be that for Apple’s design philosophy, cool gadgets, or good coffee. And identifying such a blogger generates interest in following them on, say, Twitter, or subscribing to a podcast we might otherwise never have checked out. This extended focus means a growing number of my RSS feeds are no longer purely relevant to the ‘Apple’ category, but extend to other categories as well. So even if I’m not in the mood to read just Apple news, there’s still a good reason to check out my Apple feeds.”

I like the idea of a blogger’s podcasts, Tweets, etc. being “extended focus,” or a further look into his/her personality. TBW also disparages blogs that serve as a “cathartic status update” for the author, who uses it to share what seems like every conscious thought s/he has. Those still exist, for sure, though I think people are increasingly moving those types of updates to Facebook and Twitter.