Pomodoro and Omnifocus

Anyone who knows me realizes that I have a significant problem with concentrating on anything. As in medically significant. Yet, I must do things. Every day.

It’s a real hassle.

I’ve found that the Pomodoro Technique, as gimmicky as it is, works for me. In a nutshell, it prompts you to work for 25 minutes and then take a five-minute break. After four work/break sessions, that final break is upped to 15 minutes. Then you start over.

It works because I can concentrate for 25 minutes easily, and enjoy the regular permission to goof off. It’s effective for me and that’s what counts.

There are many Pomodoro apps out there [1. Honestly, all you need is a kitchen timer], including the beautiful Pomodoro for iPad. Here’s what’s even better. MACOSX Tumbelog has posted an Applescript that will, with a little help from Dropbox, move actions from OmniFocus into the iPad app. In fact, it will pull tasks from OmniFocus, Things, TaskPaper or really any text file.

I love it: schedule next actions in your favorite repository, move them to Pomodoro for iPad and then get to work. The fact that the app is beautiful is icing on the highly productive cake.