Qualcomm’s baffling CES 2013 keynote


The Verge has a run-down of the freak show that was Qualcomm’s keynote at CES 2012. Some highlights include:

  • Actors portraying “born mobile” teens, [1. As opposed to those who are born immobile.] most of whom were dressed like Madonna circa 1989. Seriously, I cannot express how awful this segment was. You have to see it for yourself. Warning: you will feel keenly embarrassed for the actors on stage.
  • Ballmer in a manic state.
  • An “…incredibly gory and graphic scene from Blade II. It was not appropriate. At all.” And then…
  • Big Bird from Sesame Street. And then…
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu. For real.
  • Actress Alice Eve, whose enthusiasm was palpable (above).
  • An electric Rolls Royce on stage.

Rock band Maroon 5 then performed for the live audience. Those watching the stream heard Dido over the band’s performance until it was suddenly cut off.

You really need to read The Verge’s post for the photographs and tweets that were published during the show. I’d love to know who thought this was a good idea.

[Via Daring Fireball]