Recover lost luggage with Twitter


Here’s a great story of how Wendy Perrin at Perrin Post expedited the return of lost luggage by tweeting with American Airlines.

“Late last night I arrived in Quito, Ecuador, but my luggage did not. Somewhere between Newark, Miami, and Quito, American Airlines lost my husband’s checked bag. I filed a report at Quito Airport—after waiting in a long line past midnight—but the non-computerized lost-luggage system and lack of information about when the bag might be delivered to my Quito hotel hardly instilled confidence that I will see it again soon…So I turned to the fastest way I know of to get help: Twitter. At 1 a.m. I tweeted to American Airlines and, within literally three minutes, it responded with more useful information than I had been able to extract in more than an hour at the airport.”

After a short exchange of direct messages, Wendy’s luggage was en route back to her.

Last week, I suggested following your airline on Twitter. Wendy’s story is a fantastic example of why.