Samsung pulls ad with actor from Apple spot

Samsung's ad on the left, Apple's on the right.

Samsung apparently used a young actor who also appeared in an Apple spot to advertise its Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE. The ad has been running on Korean television, but The Mac Observer reports that the company has pulled the official video from YouTube (here’s a copy uploaded by The Verge).

I’m inclined to say “who cares” about this. That’s how actors work: they pretty much take any decent gig that’s available (especially young actors breaking into television commercials). Is it really noteworthy that one actress landed jobs with competing companies?

No. It is noteworthy, however, that Samsung pulled the ad from the Internet today. It seems like an attempt at damage control. It’s a baffling move from a company that’s in the midst of a high-profile legal battle over copyright issues with Apple.