Scout Books are beautiful

Last week I ordered a book from Scout Books and today it arrived. Scout Books makes small, pocket-sized notebooks and books that are absolutely charming. They’re approximately the size of a Field Notes Brand notebook (same width but about 1/2 inch shorter) and have between 30 and 36 pages.

A bought An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, ($4.00, free shipping) which contains two short stories by Ambrose Bierce: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and A Horseman In The Sky. It was illustrated by François Vigneault, who did a fantastic job. His bold, single-color images look like woodcuts and feel at home on the small pages. The text is razor-sharp and easy to read. Carrying this thing around in your pocket is just plain fun.

Here’s what’s really cool: you can create your own notebooks and books with Scout Books. Imagine how fun it would be to promote a larger work (give away a free chapter), enhance a family reunion or just about anything else you can think of.

Electronic books are swell but this little thing just feels right to me. I love it and will be ordering more (maybe even a subscription). You’ll find several larger photos after the break.