Seven silly lawsuits against Apple

The Week has a list of several of the more laughable lawsuits that Apple has endured. Here’s a good one:

“On Sept. 14, 2011, Apple officially won the right to call its iPhone 4 the ‘world’s thinnest smartphone’ when Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority dismissed a legal challenge from Samsung. The Korean electronics giant had protested that its Galaxy S II phone, at 8.71mm, was in fact thinner than the iPhone, at 9.3 mm. ‘Apple was forced to get out its measuring tape’ says Britain’s The Guardian, ‘to show that while the thinnest part of the Galaxy was thinner, Samsung’s phone had prominent bulges at the top of the device that measured 9.91 mm.’ The ASA agreed that customers care about overall size, not just the thinnest part.”

Read them all.