Siri loves Nokia OMG

Here’s a stupid non-story that I’m glad to point out as the garbage that it is.

The Next Web (TNW) is all excited because Apple’s Siri “will recommend you to buy Nokia’s Lumia 900.” Except that’s not true.

TNW asked Siri, the voice-controled, virtual assistant that ships with the iPhone 4S, “What is the best smartphone ever?” Siri then queried Wolfram Alpha as it often does and returned the results: Nokia’s Lumia 900. TNW then concludes:

“When you break out your iPhone 4S and ask Siri what the ‘best smartphone ever’ is, your humble virtual assistant will recommend you to buy Nokia’s Lumia 900.”

Wait, that’s not the question Siri was asked. TNW said, “What is the best smartphone ever?” not “Which smartphone should I buy?” So I did. Here was the result:

That’s different.

If you think TNW is being slippery, look at this headline from Business Insider on the same story: “Apple Says The Nokia Lumia Is The Best Smartphone In The World.”

Nope. That is 100% false.

Finally, let’s take a closer look at the Wolfram Alpha results. TNW didn’t include everything in its screenshot, but I did:

“Based on 4 reviews.” Awesome.

Finally, I asked Siri, “What is the best smart phone?” Here was the non-Wolfram, joking result:

Siri isn’t recommending the Nokia and TNW knows it. Instead, Siri is handing a query to Wolfram Alpha and displaying the results. Perhaps Apple should modify Wolfram Alpha results to suit its own marketing purposes. That’d be a good move. Also, the result is unreliable, as Siri is returning all sorts of whacky answers to this question.

Think before you post dumb stuff, TNW.