J.D. at Associated Slices recently had an idea: to publicly praise his online “competitors.”

“I’m trying to get at what the Apple blogging community is. We are all writing about the same thing and we are all passionate about the same thing, yet many of us fight for pageviews like bulldogs fight for a bone.

So I ‘d like to take a moment and recognize one of my competitors and good friends.”

J.D. went on to describe what he likes about reading Slim’s Nerdcast. Slim then wrote some very nice things about me [1. Which I appreciate tremendously. I consider myself to be an ordinary guy of average abilities and whenever someone offers a kind word it truly warms my heart more than they realize, I’m sure.] and asked me to do the same about yet another writer. I like this project for several reasons but the main one is this:

I don’t consider other tech writers to be competitors.

Instead, I believe we’re passengers in the same boat. Of course I’m not in the same league as John Gruber, Andy Ihnatko or David Pogue. I’m content to admire them from afar [3. One of these years I’ll muster the nerve to introduce myself at Macworld Expo.].

But I feel a kinship with the Patrick Rhone, Ben Brooks and the writer I’m going to formally recognize, Shawn Blanc [2. Among others.]. Shawn’s willingness to develop an article slowly, carefully and purposefully is refreshing in a “post first or don’t post at all” industry. He’s always been kind enough to respond to my emails and continues to inspire with his thorough articles.

Someday I’ll probably offer sponsorships on 52 Tiger and in that way I’ll be “competing” with these folks. But really, we’re all writing about a topic that we share and love. Here’s hoping Shawn will follow up and identify a writer of his own.