Mouth Taped Shut – an effective social campaign

Mouth Taped Shut is a Tumblr blog that’s being used to promote the upcoming release of David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Whoever is behind it is doing a great job, because the content is simple, compelling and artistic without being overtly promotional.

Instead of barraging followers with calls to “buy now!” and “get ready!” and “tell your friends!”, Mouth Taped Shut is a collection of beautiful, artistic photos related to the movie’s production. Several appear to have been taken on what I assume is a closed set while others depict on-location shoots and the editing process. They’re all shared on Twitter, one at a time.

Each photo grabs my attention and increases my anticipation for the film’s release. There’s no selling, no contests or any of the strategies you typically see with promotional accounts. I love it.