CARROT for iPhone makes productivity a game

carrot_sizedCARROT for iPhone ($0.99) will rub a lot of people the wrong way. If “gamification” makes you feel as uncomfortable as a virgin at a prison rodeo, this is not the app for you. Others who aren’t put off by a sense of fun will delight in CARROT’s jabs, goading and unstable personality. Part to-do list manager, part game and part unstable task master, CARROT offers a unique means to getting things done.

CARROT manages your to-do list. There’s no project management, tags or categories. Simply enter a list of tasks for the day and get to it. It makes good use of gestures. Swipe down to add an event, left to reveal the options menu and across an item to mark it as done. Almost every action has an accompanying sound effect, but you can switch those off.

As you work, CARROT offers either words of encouragement or discouragement, depending on its mood. You alter CARROT’s mood by working often, which cheers it up, or remaining idle for a long time, which ticks it off. To piss CARROT off real good, tap its “oculus” a few times. It really hates that.

As you complete tasks you level up, unlocking new features. Some are fun, like mini games, and others useful, the the ability to re-order or edit tasks. Again, that will annoy some people, while others will find it delightfully fun.

I’m not using CARROT every day, but I will admit that it’s been amusing company as I work through my “honey-do” weekend list. No, it’s not a powerful project manager. But, CARROT is a fun way to knock tasks off your to-do list. Give it a try and have a good time. Just, you know, try to keep it happy.