iDolly for iPhone and iPad

How did I miss this? Dolly Drive has released iDolly (free, universal) for iPhone and iPad. It lets you access the data you’ve backed up with Dolly Drive. I’ve been using Dolly Drive for years and love it. It truly is “Time Machine in the cloud.” I’m going to play with iDolly for a while and let you know what I think.

Dolly Drive Family Plan

Dolly Drive allows Time Machine to behave just like Time Machine, except that it sends backups to the Dolly Drive servers as opposed to a drive on your desk. Let’s say you’re at a meeting in the field, only to realize that an important file is corrupt or missing entirely. If it lives on an external drive back in your home or office, you’re out of luck. Dolly Drive lets you restore it from the cloud, using Time Machine’s familiar UI, getting you back in business.

The Dolly Drive Family Plan lets you back up multiple Macs (the number depends on the plan you’ve purchased) to a single account, which is great for households with more than one machine. For example, my wife and I each have a laptop. Other families might parent/student computers while some individuals own a desktop and a laptop. The Family Plan lets you create off-site backups of each via Apple’s Time Machine. Here’s how.

Once you’ve purchased a Family Plan (pricing follows), the account holder becomes the administrator. From there you log into your account online and create a new user, entering that person’s name, temporary password, email address and more. Most important is the storage allotment set aside for that user; assign what you wish.

Your new user will receive an email confirmation. Choose a new password, install Dolly Drive, login and get started. You can monitor each account on the summary page for information like allocated storage space, username, status (active vs. Pending) and creation date. You can also edit account details.Pricing

Dolly Drive offers several family plans, starting with the Small plan that offers 250 GB of storage at just $7/mo (paying annually gives you a bit of a break) up to the Power plan which offers 8 TB of storage and starts at $198/mo.

I’ve been a happy Dolly Drive customer for years now, and am happy to have a way to easily create remote bakups for the two Macs in our house. Let me say good work to the folks at Dolly Drive.

Thanks to Dolly Drive

Big thanks to Dolly Drive for sponsoring the site this week. Not only is Dolly Drive the best way I’ve found to put your Time Machine backups in the cloud, it lets you create a bootable backup as well; something Time Machine won’t do.

Dolly Clone is the free, stand-alone application that creates a bootable backup of your machine to an external drive. The day you hit your Mac’s power button only to find a dead internal drive is the day you’ll be thrilled to have a bootable backup. Dolly Clone makes a full backup of your machine and will have you up and running in no time. Best of all, it’s included with your Dolly Drive subscription as well as being a free download. Now go get it!

Dolly Drive

Huge thanks to Dolly Drive for being this week’s sponsor. I first discovered Dolly Drive at Macworld Expo 2011, just days after its initial launch and have used it since. It’s a backup service that puts your Time Machine backup in the cloud.

How it works

One word: simple. Installation runs you through the process, including showing Time Machine the your remote volume. Plus, there’s extensive control over what gets backed up via the Inclusion Assistant. By default, Dolly Drive will offer to back up everything. However, you can use the Inclusion Assistant to fine-tune that list. For example, do you keep most of your documents in Dropbox? If so, your local documents folder is probably empty. Exclude it!


You probably wonder about restoration via the cloud. I did, too, until I had to use it. No, it’s not as lightning-fast as a local drive, but it’s a LOT better than being in the field, at a meeting, with a client or about to give a presentation and realizing that the file you need is on a drive in your house.

Go get it!

f you aren’t backing up your data, you’re on your knees, begging for trouble. I can lead you to Dolly Drive, but I can’t make you drink. The promise of Time Machine backups that occur hourly no matter where you are (I backed up my laptop from an airplane once) is something you shouldn’t pass up. Trust me, and check out Dolly Drive.