David Sparks releases Markdown Field Guide

David Sparks over at Macsparky has released another fantastic iPad book. This time it’s Markdown he’s after and the Markdown Field Guide looks like a stellar book on the topic. David co-authored this release with Eddie Smith of Practically Efficient.

I’ve been writing in Markdown for years but I know I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. I’m eager to have David and Eddie show me the rest. Go and get Markdown from the iBookstore now.

Maxing out Instapaper

There’s a terrific post up at Practically Efficient today that explores 5 features of Instapaper in-depth, including folders, search, data entry, online extras and iOS tips and tricks. I had no idea I could create my own folders until I read Eddie’s post.

He wraps up with a wish list for future builds, including this gem:

“Add PDF support. PDF are very pesky in my ‘read later’ workflow. If I could somehow ‘pin’ them to my Unread folder in Instapaper, that would be huge.”

I’ve often wished for just that. Go and read the whole article.