Five lessons learned from self-publishing

Writer Eric Smith has published a list of lessons he learned while self-publishing his book, Textual Healing. It’s an honest look at the process from someone who recently went through it, soup to nuts. In short, Smith says it’s a labor-intensive process that may or may not be worth it, depending on your expectations:

“Yes, there are lots of awesome success stories when it comes to self publishing, but those are rare considering the sheer number of books that get churned out from these publishers. Don’t count on your book getting a ton of press, popping up in bookstores across the country or making you a ton of money. Press won’t want it, your self publishing company can’t get it in bookstores and even if your book does sell a thousand copies, you’ll probably just barely recoup your expenses.

If you are doing this for the money, you’re already #doingitwrong.

If you go in with low expectations, everything great that happens, whether it is a press hit or a kind review on Amazon, will only feel 100% more fantastic. There is nothing wrong with daydreaming, but stay realistic.”

It’s a great article that you should read if you’re considering publishing a book yourself.

[Via Scott McNulty]