BreakTime 2.1 offers UI improvements, bug fixes

I love BreakTime for Mac ($4.99) from Excited Pixel. This handy utility sits in your menu bar or Dock and offers a customizable timer for managing periods of work and rest. To use it, simply set one timer for your work period and one for your break. BreakTime begins unobtrusively counting down.

When your work period expires, a window appears and remains until the break has expired. You can even “force” yourself to stop working by selecting the “Enforce Break” setting, which prevents you from exiting BreakTime for any other app during the break period. Once a break period ends the next work period begins automatically.

I use it every day and love it. Version 2.1 offers some nice UI changes. For instance, the app’s icon now shows the timer’s progress and it’s easier than ever to postpone a break while you’re working.

It’s a simple utility that I fully recommend, especially to you Pomodoro practitioners. But don’t take my word for it, the American Cancer Society also says you need to get up and walk around. You’ll find a few images of BreakTime in action after the break.

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