Final Touches: Fantastical

Final Touches celebrates the tiny details that make an app a delight to use. Not the marquee features, but the fun, thoughtful bits that make you smile. The final touches.


Fantastical is a calendaring app for iPhone and the Mac from Flexibits. I’ve been using it happily since its initial release (here’s my review of version 1.1 at TUAW). There’s a lot to like in Fantastical, but my favorite little touch is in the iPhone version’s Day Ticker.

The Day Ticker appears at top of the screen and lists the current day plus the two before it and the two after. If you’ve scrolled to a day other than the current day, tap the title bar just above the Day Ticker to jump back to today.

But what if you tap it while you’re looking at the current day? The circled date in the Day Ticker “jumps” forward ever slightly as if to say, “That’s today. You’re here.” It’s a simple little prompt that’s subtle in its effectiveness. I love it. Well done, Flexibits.

Gotta keep em separated*

Justin Blanton asks an interesting question while discussing Fantastical:

“While it most certainly is pretty and likely a joy to use, I’m a bit confused as to why anyone would use a calendaring app and a task-management app, unless maybe they’re sync’ing their calendars with other people.”

I see what he’s saying. Keeping an appointment is certainly a task. However, I like to keep tasks that must be completed on a certain date (and often by a certain time) on a calendar.

Of course, it comes down to do whatever works for you. So, whatever.

Why did I even post this again?

[Via Ben Brooks]

*Apologies to The Offspring