52 Weekly issue 02 – Feeling Super


Feeling good about things this month. Super even.

First of all, a big thanks to everyone who subscribed to 52 Weekly on Flipboard. It means a lot. Now that the weekend has arrived, here’s a great opportunity to sit down and read the articles that you skimmed during the week. This week I expanded all of the articles that appear in the magazine. So if you read them during the week, you’ll find that there’s more to read in each one, as of today. A little bonus for you, my wonderful readers.

I also want to include an update to my Valentine’s Day Resolution (VDR) for April. This month, I’m committed to making 52 Weekly something worthwhile. Expanding the posts that I push to it is a good step. I’m also committed to publishing nice, original photos with the majority of my posts this month. That’s also going well. I’m not a professional photographer, but I can certainly do better than screenshots and whatever I find on Google. The photos make the site and 52 Weekly look a lot better.

Both of these practices meet my requirements for a worthwhile VDR:

  1. Make me more visible.
  2. Build a product inventory.
  3. Create a reason for people to visit the site.
  4. Build a new habit.
  5. Build excellence (practice makes perfect).

In other news, I came to an important realization regarding my workflow this month. As many of you know, my day job is at TUAW. When my work day ends, I’m father/husband until about 8:00 PM. That’s when I return to my computer and start what I call the “PM shift.” I had been getting frustrated that I couldn’t cover news on 52T during the day as I was at work. By the evening, those stories seemed to already be “old hat.” I’d end up posting nothing and feeling guilty about it.

However, nothing fosters creativity like constraint. So I asked myself: What is the constraint I have? I can’t cover news on 52T while I’m at work. I still want to produce a decent tech site. How to make this work?

Reflection. I can’t bust out breaking news as it happens all day, but I can sit down at the end of the day and think — really think — about the one or two stories that caught my attention during the day. The result is a great post that offers some thought in place of up-to-the-second publication. I’ll publish fewer posts than the big tech sites, but I’ll be happy with those I do get out. I hope you will, too.

Thanks for reading. Subscribe to 52 Weekly, and have a great weekend. See you on Monday.

Keep your iPad home screen icon-free

Here’s an interesting idea. Put your most frequently-used icons into a folder or two on the iPad’s dock, and move the rest to the 2nd screen. That way you can enjoy a favorite photo without hiding it behind icons and folders while maintaining easy access to your top apps.

[Via Flipboard]

Who uses Flipboard and why

Ben Brooks:

“Flipboard is perfect for the audience it targets and truly it doesn’t surprise me that someone like my Dad uses it. The problem is that the casual browsing nature of FlipBoard is just wasted time for a power user that knows what they are looking for.”

It’s an interesting take. Read the whole thing.

Curate your own magazine

A few weeks ago, Shawn Blanc said something about Instapaper that struck me:

“With Instapaper, you’re your own editor in chief of the entire Internet. You get to curate your own magazine.”

It’s true, and I’ll say even more so with Flipboard. I finally received Twitter and Facebook integration this afternoon, and I’m absolutely loving it. Both services have never looked better.

I’ll have a full review on TUAW soon, but my initial impression is this. Flipboard and the iPad cooperate to present your personally-curated content with the look and feel of a high-end design magazine. The app truly makes you editor-in-chief of the Internet and the iPad puts it in your hand.

I’m in love.

PS – Flipboard, if you’re reading…wouldn’t this be cool? I’m just saying.